Pick Yourself Up: Either GO FOR IT or FOREGO IT!

My husband has a saying that he likes to use when I find myself procrastinating on a project: Go for it or forego it! If I get into a funk or depression, he’ll say that. Do you have dreams? I sure do. Sometimes they seem to take forever to happen – and oftentimes some dreams just don’t seem to come true.

That’s when I feel like giving up, but then my husband says, “Honey, either go for it or forego it. What’s it going to be?” That usually is the kick in the bottom that gets me going again. I can only fail if I quit.

How about you? Do you have dreams? Don’t let the temporary setbacks get you down. Remember the saying, “go for it or forego it,” and then pick yourself up and keep trying!

That’s what I’m doing. I hope you do too!

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